Save the Meat up for another time.

Sorry; That was a very bad pun.

I’m really keen on vegetarian nutrition, I have spent a reasonable amount of time in largely vegetarian communities and I got paired with a vegan house-mate when I went to university, so my exposure, if you want to call it that, with vegetarians was very positive from the start.

Sam, my house-mate was what I would call one of those hyper intelligent knowledge sponges – and this was reflected in his diet, 10 years ago I had no idea what Kimchi was, why he had specifically bough “iodised salt” and so on, but as we were house-mates, we shared the weekly shop and thus I got to learn a lot about how he managed his diet.

This was great for me, because I was spending 1 day a week in nutritional labs or lecture halls learning all about, well, nutritional things.

But, come to think of it now, I don’t remember a single lecture discussing vegetarians in much detail – not from a “nutritionist and advisory point of view”, I was interested in the subject area because it is in essence a restrictive diet by choice; veganism even more so and the attention to detail that Sam went through, to ensure he ate the right foods.

Back in the lecture halls, We were happy to learn about contributing factors toward osteoporosis, bone health, crohn’s disease and so on but not the considerations associated with lifestyle choices that led to exclusion of food groups,which would have been a brilliant step-stone for any biology based course to use to discuss topics relating to B-vitamins and dietary lipids..

Now I have found the topic is somewhat of a phobia for trainers, being met with either a joke (that’s a huge missed-steak, bro), or dismissal (you will be weak, you need protein), rather than a keen attitude towards working with a vegetarian or vegan client.

What’s more, the meat-free-mode is often an emotionally driven pursuit based on ethics, rather than a health based one – which makes people even MORE afraid of it.

That and, turning away meat seems to make people very unpopular.

Which is why, over on THE INSTAGRAMZ I am making as many posts vegetarian food friendly with, tips, troubles and hints to help not only veggie lovers, but coaches and trainers as-well.

Chances are, most clients you meet don’t eat enough veggies as it is, if you are stuck with what to do and don’t want to just rely on chicken, beef and fish, try one of the balanced vegetarian recipes I’ll put out , or incorporate some of the tips into anyone’s lifestyle.


Rich ‘Couch Potato’ Sennewald

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