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Swings and Roundabouts – Butter

It’s swings and roundabouts in the nutritional industry. A good few people have asked my opinion on the latest change of direction – unsurprisingly because, well, I often like to have a little bitch and moan now and then. SO “Experts” suggest that Fats and butter isn’t bad for us any-more. That’s great right? – Read more »

The Strength School

No-nonsense lessons in strength designed to be learnt and applied by two of the industries’ top tutors helping you set new standards in the weights room.   6 weeks of Weekly Audio, Video and written resources that simply break down the techniques and pointers used by top coaches to get results, sent directly to your Inbox that you can watch any-time, anywhere through our Hosted Vimeo Read more »

Another Reason to Enjoy Coffee

A Cup Beats a Tab In a not-so-recent study (Published December 2013) raised some questions recently. (Rat Study Warning) We know that a lot of benefits of eating fresh food comes not only from the Vitamin/mineral and macro-nutrient content of said foods, but also the synergistic effect of everything else within the food. Hence why Read more »

A Reminder

Motivation is Key to performance – it comes in many forms from many sources. For me it’s a good training group of like-minded individuals, my training partner John and Josh of Onespace fitness are key in performing well and lifting correctly as-well as the many people I see posting things from day to day on Read more »