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The Scariest Word in Nutrition?

Chemicals “how can there be an argument to say a fruit smoothie containing nutrients cannot be healthier than a chemically produced product in diet coke… Surely there are reliable unbiased studies on the the side effects & dangers of Aspartame?” No, I see this argument/question pop up a lot – I saw it this-morning from Read more »

How not to be a fit-dick

I need to get this out of my system Fit-Pros are fucking everything up for everybody Sure.. it’d be easy to blame the papers, but who has the real influence here? I made the GRAVE mistake of reading an article on the telegraph online Thursday (so I made myself feel better by sharing it with Read more »

The “Unethics” of Selling Promises

  Recently through my work with my online discussion group (The Carbophobes group) I’ve become more enlightened than ever on the subjects of eating disorders, practicality of plans and generally been more exposed to people who were, once like myself ; incredibly restricted in their food choices. This last month we’ve had Dr Gary Mendoza of ‘The Read more »

The Nutrition Academy

Accredited, Endorsed, Peer reviewed Nutrition Consultant Training Course. Why should you Study Applied Nutrition and Supplementation? The Applied Nutrition and Supplementation is now an AfN Certified Course (one of only a few available for the leisure industry). The AfN assessors specifically noted that the robust assessments make the standard of this course particularly good and Read more »

Davina’s Brownies

Davina’s sugar free brownies Made with only 175g (143.5g sugar) of honey and 150g of maple syrup (100.5g sugar) You muppets ITV Celebrities can be a very good influence on the public. They are after-all role models, they have inspiring journeys, they help get people up, moving, contribute to charity, use their influence for good Read more »

The Cost of Health

Here’s a story that’s been boiling my piss lately… In-case you hadn’t realised from my recent spate of food blogs. (Disclaimer – Don’t read this, it will upset you.) People can’t afford to eat healthier food, even Junk food is expensive. Here’s a suggestion for anyone whose cupboard looks like this one… Stop buying expensive Read more »

Does Sugar Deserve A Break?

  Jamie has some solid goals and I accept that sometimes we just have to accept that the issue is so complex, we will never agree on a single answer, cause or solution – thus, we should take the best route – and funding his original schools project is a very good idea… as-long as Read more »

The Subtle Art of Eating Everything

The Power of the Challenge Platter Now, I’m going to ruffle a few feathers with what I say here, from various camps, but hey – let’s have some fun. Mass-Gain. It’s not EASY, arguably, gaining size and getting stronger is the hardest goal in the training and nutritional world (Behind Stage prep and dialing into super-human Read more »

Not Pot Noodle

Sometimes, simplicity and Noodles = Comfort food. But comfort food often has the most out-of-whack macronutrient make-up going. – Check this recipe for some nutrient dense, calorie sparse home-made pot noodles that will make any food-hipster swoon. I got the inspiration for this recipe from The Food-Lab website Enjoy! An amazingly simple dish that replicates Read more »

5 Things Only people Who Track Their Macros Will understand

Have you dabbled in the MyFitnessPal wizardry? Do you cruise the back of food packaging to check the Calories, Carbs, Fats and Proteins of everything you eat? Or is all that just too much hassle for you? To be frank with you, it’s hands down, the best way to keep track of and a handle Read more »