Never trust a fat Pt? – I say Bullshit. (and not because I have a little timber myself..)

Maggie De Block – Belgium’s 20-stone minister of health has been catching a lot of flak lately.How can someone so clearly failing at caring for her own health, possibly be able to help anyone else with theirs?

This is the same issue a lot of personal trainers suffer and why so many of them are selling themselves on their biceps instead of their skills.

Why would I go to someone who can only lift 250kilos, to improve my dead-lift?

Why should I take stage prep advice from someone who has never won a title?

Would Maggie De Block be more credible or even questioned if she was 7 stone of skinniness who skips meals, runs marathons and eats only noodles?

Sure she would, because we can’t see all that, noone would have questioned her if she was unhealthily slim.

We can sadly see that Maggie wears he over-indulgent diet every day. It’s a lot harder to spot a bad eater, when they under-eat or over-exercise.

Here’s the thing.

Ms De Block, (Henceforce referred to as MDB) is fooling herself to believe she is not unhealthy or at least, carrying increased markers of risk of serious disease.

But that’s her business.

What does she carry to the table (excuse the pun) in terms of benefit to the job?

A huge degree of empathy.

I’ve long said and tried to instill to my coaches that Empathy is one of the most powerful tools in a coaches arsenal.

Why do people love a good transformation story? – It shows you’ve lived their life too.

MDB is living the overweight lifestyle, if anyone is going to understand the needs and struggles of an overweight person in Belgium, you can bet your ass it’s going to be the men, women and children living it and not some 10% bodyfat fit-pro who can turn their hand to any exercise, diet style or regime in the blink of an eye.


Not all these critics I’ve been seeing pop up in my feeds at-least.

Their idea of “bro – move more eat less” – doesn’t even scratch the surface of an obesity epidemic.

If you want to help fat people, you need to understand fat people

I used to be fat people (person)
I am 12kg heavier now, than I was 12 years ago

Is she going to have experienced more than an over-stressed dress-size 7, under-fed suit, fueled on cigars and crepes?

Almost certainly.

So let’s check off Empathy for the people, from our list.

What have we got left?

Her actual skills for the job.

Is she a good ROLE MODEL? – well, physically, visually, No I’m afraid not.

Is she the right woman for the job?

She just might have all the traits they need in a good “coach”.

Next time you take advice, choose to read an article or work with a coach, consider more than just their aesthetics.

Look at the results they get, their own body – well that’s their choice.


Well it doesn’t matter what I think about anyone else really now does it. let’s be objective about this.

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