I wanna be 7% bodyfat….

When you reached up into the air and plucked out “7%”

Did you think that was actually enough? That was a target?

Well, It isn’t.

Just like when I ask someone “so what’s your goal” in the gym and I get “250 squat”

…well that’s a pretty weak goal – have you considered how you will make that happen?

You ain’t gonna get it from football practice.

But body composition goals… now that needs some discussion…

“What’s so wrong with wanting a low bodyfat”

Nothing, absolutely nothing, but you know what….
you probably have no concept of what that number even means.

We hear one thing, we want to emulate it, we see another thing, we want to emulate it.

We want to look like our favorite bodybuilder, Olympian or athlete and piece together in our minds this incredible criteria that makes utterly no sense.

Robert Förstemann’s legs, Bradd Pit’s (in fight-club) torso, J-Lo’s ass…
Then to top it off, we try and achieve that goal by taking up crossfit.

We all know simple maths and those things just don’t add up!

Maybe you read that most people get their abs showing at 11% or something so you’ve decided 10ish is a good number.

Do you KNOW what someone with 10% bodyfat looks like?
Do you know where you fat is distributed about your body?
Have you a solid plan, day in, day out to achieve that?

If not, you are probably going to end up a little dissapointed, but hey, what did you think was gonna’ happen? Good intentions would get you some shred?

Let’s get some perspective here with the help of Sir Alan of Aragon. who shared these numbers at a recent seminar of his (THE AAUKC)

An elite female marathon runner, has on average, a body-fat percentage of 13%.
An elite female sprinter has a body-fat percentage, on average of 14%

Yet these athletes have very different physiques to look at.

Take Ukrainian distance athlete Yuliya Yelistratova, she’s pretty damned good at what she does – Competing in triathlons.

You might notice that she’s also got a very good physique, but you can bet your ass, her primary goal is not to sit at 13% body-fat.

Your goal planning should never be arbitrary.
It should be based off of where you are now and where you want to get to.
It should be achievable in the short term and also play into the long term.

So next time you set a goal, I want to know what it is and HOW you are going to get there and if really, you will look like a triathlete or a weightlifter because of the tools you used to get there, because the body-fat number is all well and good, but it’s never the number that people really want, it’s the visual appeal of what’s there once it’s gone.

I know many people who have lost weight and really not liked how they looked, because they thought they had a mini Jay cutler sitting beneath the skin.

Just food for thought.

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