I need help, I’m Lost, I’m seriously Fed Up.

That’s the newest problem in the Industry.

And that line resonated with me this week, it is exactly how I felt several years ago in the kitchen.

“Overload me with information – And I’ll have no choice but to believe you.”

Every day we are surrounded by so many voices, bombarding us with information, ideas, the best new diet plans, the worst diet plans, miracle foods, sinful foods, workout routines, best glute builders, 10 foods every person must have, 5 foods noone must never eat, new facts about sweeteners, old facts debunked, backload this, intermittant that, paleo these and gluten free those.

And because of this, we are seeing a wave of personal trainers who are suffering from “Imposter Syndrome” ?

Looking up at the fitpros with the 15k like pages and talking about things that people can only three-quaters understand, making you feel like you are wasting your time and energy because you didn’t post a video this morning from your boat or have a 14 hour work week #postingfromthebeach #grind #bullshitinspirationalhashtag

I know this is exactly how I used to feel and exactly how my friend, who was fed up felt, It was how I felt too and the fissure between where I saw myself and where the figureheads I followed were, was only seeming to grow wider, deeper and darker.

They had the drive, they had the methods, they knew the secrets

Like Homer Jumping Springfield Gorge

I started to realise, I did not belong here.
(Or at least, that was how I felt)

And that’s what trainers start to do.

They doubet themselves

They felt like an imposter

But they have a good education, they have years of coaching experience, they had been helping people for years – feeling like a fraud doesn’t make sense.

Here’s the thing.

We are easily impressionable, especially when we are newer to all of this.

When you have so many things being thrown at you, day in, day out by self proclaimed gurus, pros and educators then you don’t have time to pluck an idea out of the air, analyse it, research it and form an opinion on it.

You are forced to make a decision right there and then, or face falling behind with the plethora of noise about the airwaves.

You aren’t forming your own opinions anymore, you are taking onboard somone elses that they have created for their own agenda.

You are being overpowered by quotes, motivational posters and slick ab-shots. There is a lot of noise and everyone is saying something.

It makes you feel fed up, confused about what you were once confident about and doubtful of your own ability.

(And yes, I am aware I am an online educator)
Let me tell you, if you have helped even one client change their life for the better, you are on the right track.
If you are happy with your lifestyle, can stick at it more than 80% of the time and are moving towards your goals, no matter the speed, YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK.

Sure, you could be right-er-er; but for now, you are right.

And no amount of intermettant carb backloading clenses will change that for the better.

Here is what you must do, to reclaim your thoughts as your own, and be proud of yourself and confidents once more…

you must simply empty your head, of all the notions, all the fancy protocols and all the strongly held beliefs you have, that you were not party to forming,
The conflicting ideas, protocols and half-finished stories in your mind that are causing you angst need to go.

If you didn’t make the conclusion, if you find yourself more often quoting somone else than your own thought process, then you have probably been overwhealmed aswell,

Go back to basics, do yourself a favor and tune out the noise, one facebook unfollow at a time cluttering your news feed and start asking questions again, instead of only reading answers.

It will be the best thing you ever do.

Rich ‘I can shout the loudest’ Sennewald

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