“Life isn’t worth living if you don’t have at least one all consuming interest”

I’ve got a bit of a somber one for you today, but since I discovered Instagram recently (here), I’ve been pondering on this topic for some time…

I really dislike some of these fitspiration memes, maybe it is because I totally over-think everything, but if someone sees you as obsessed, it’s not always because they are lazy.

the state of being obsessed with someone or something.
  • an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind


To be committed to something, to be dedicated to a task is vastly different to being obsessed with a task – the common person knows this, recognises this and far more often than not, respects, acknowledges and holds this in high regard.

To eat, sleep , live and love a lifestyle is cool and, you know what? I’m aware these are often tongue in cheek posts, a little jab and a smile at some of the silly things we hear thrown around at us, but , there is a darker and more sinister side to them that we see, only when we start working among the #fitfam

This sort of meme is innocent enough to look at, but all to easily becomes part of that horrible build up…

one of those pervasive ones that justifies the actions of the misguided… “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”… and creates a wonderful cult of excuse makers for those harboring potential disorders in their lifestyle.. “Your stomach isn’t growling, it’s applauding” ….

The thing is, the former are pretty obvious, food-related disorders have been more and more spoken of and discussed, to the point that we are much happier and knowledgeable about them. BUT…

It’s not uncommon now that gym training is such a done thing, to have seen a shift from people eating less to instead subjecting themselves to hours and hours of physical abuse in the gym, sometimes twice or three times a day, to get around the obviousness of never really being seen eating much.

Obviously this huge activity level yields the same result as huge calorie restriction but also carries the added danger of potential extras, such as stimulant use, the increased stress on the body of giving it a hammering day in, day out, with little rest and stress.

This problem is very, very real.

Be aware of it.

No – Obsessed is not a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated, it’s what the concerned (and perhaps lacking tact) use to approach the subject of a lifestyle getting out of hand.

You don’t HAVE to destroy yourself to get results and missing a morning’s gym session because it’s your fiancee’s birthday or the kids have a school show to go to, isn’t “hardcore” – it’s just silly.

Here’s a little more information on excessive exercise disorders and orthorexia. (link)

If you are part of the #fitfam , a coach or member of a larger group/club, it’s your duty to be aware of these issues.

Rich ‘always spoils the fun’ Sennewald

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