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I don’t have time for the Backup Parachute!

“There’s Probably NO TIME!” The response people initially had, when I was moving away from the last (huge) chapter of my life, working with my old contractual company was pretty bleak ; “why go completely solo when you could be safer with a little work?” Do a little work on the side, but don’t take the Read more »

I need help, I’m Lost, I’m seriously Fed Up.

That’s the newest problem in the Industry. And that line resonated with me this week, it is exactly how I felt several years ago in the kitchen. “Overload me with information – And I’ll have no choice but to believe you.” Every day we are surrounded by so many voices, bombarding us with information, ideas, Read more »

Do you facilitate change?

The subtle art of what we say and how we say it Can have huge repercussions on how the people around us respond. Clients are especially vulnerable to the way we speak to them, treat them or behave around them, which is why I’m so happy to be seeing more work by the likes of Read more »

I wanna be 7% bodyfat….

When you reached up into the air and plucked out “7%” Did you think that was actually enough? That was a target? Well, It isn’t. Just like when I ask someone “so what’s your goal” in the gym and I get “250 squat” …well that’s a pretty weak goal – have you considered how you Read more »


I live my life in a few ways, partly due to my huge man-crush on the fictional character, Mr Atticus Finch… Mr Finch, possesses unworldly powers of empathy, a quality which will take you very, very far indeed with your clients. But with all the empathy in the world, you’ll have a problem if you Read more »

A case of the ‘Sposdas

Because ‘everyone else does it’ I don’t know if I’m the only one who remembers that episode… This week, I’ve been slowly ramping up my online coaching,adding a new client each week for the next 5 weeks and, everyone who gets in touch, regardless of us working together, I have a good 20-30 min chat Read more »

The Worcestershire Beard and Muscle Club

JOIN THE CLUB or CONTACT ME FOR MORE INFORMATION The Worcestershire Beard and Muscle Club is LIVE and taking Sign-Ups NOW for March/April lifting programs If you are interested in getting STRONGER across the board, then the WBMC is for you. Everything in life, in sports and in performance can benefit from one thing: Being STRONGER. Read more »

Tis the Season…

The Samson Athletics Tee returns this year AGAIN with an awesome design; I’m still rocking my “Eat , Lift and Be Merry” shirt but now I’ve got this years for my festive gym sessions “Tis the Season to be Bulking”. It’s Brilliant, please do check out Samson’s full range (, their clothes take a massive Read more »

Calorie Smackdown – An Uneven Playingfield

Sometimes in the nutritional world, there are little fight-bouts, which is, sorta-cool, I prefer discussion bouts because a fight implies there must be a winner and a loser. I think, in the true spirit of education and “FOR SCIENCE!” there should very rarely be a true “winner” and “loser” (practices such as homeopathy aside…) So, Read more »

Swiggity Swooty

You know what’s been annoying me lately? Squats being attributed to the SOLE thing contributing towards someone’s glute development and the subsequent plastering of arses across my newsfeed by people who don’t understand movement enough to know that squats aren’t the best glute developing exercise used in isolation. “Any excuse for an arse is a Read more »