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Save the Meat up for another time.

Sorry; That was a very bad pun. I’m really keen on vegetarian nutrition, I have spent a reasonable amount of time in largely vegetarian communities and I got paired with a vegan house-mate when I went to university, so my exposure, if you want to call it that, with vegetarians was very positive from the start. Read more »

Never trust a fat Pt? – I say Bullshit. (and not because I have a little timber myself..)

Maggie De Block – Belgium’s 20-stone minister of health has been catching a lot of flak lately.How can someone so clearly failing at caring for her own health, possibly be able to help anyone else with theirs? This is the same issue a lot of personal trainers suffer and why so many of them are selling themselves on their Read more »


“Life isn’t worth living if you don’t have at least one all consuming interest” I’ve got a bit of a somber one for you today, but since I discovered Instagram recently (here), I’ve been pondering on this topic for some time… I really dislike some of these fitspiration memes, maybe it is because I totally over-think everything, Read more »

Shit I got wrong in the past.

It’s a son of a bitch, reflection. Look back and realise “Wow, that was pretty dumb” Over on Facebook I’ve been calling out… myself. You see, over time, our opinions change, our outlook changes and our beliefs change. That is FINE. Inflexibility is not fine. Clinging to one idea, one thought, one process Is FINE UNLESS Read more »

Another Reason to Enjoy Coffee

A Cup Beats a Tab In a not-so-recent study (Published December 2013) raised some questions recently. (Rat Study Warning) We know that a lot of benefits of eating fresh food comes not only from the Vitamin/mineral and macro-nutrient content of said foods, but also the synergistic effect of everything else within the food. Hence why Read more »