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  • How Pokemon Go has been Helping people Lose weight

    By Richard Sennewald | In Education, Motivation, Outdoor | on July 27, 2017

      A lot of people are asking if the “game/fad” is actually getting people moving and arguing the good points and the bad points, well a glance at various social medias will clearly show there are a lot of people who have started moving around who never used to before, the Pokémon GO craze is, well, […]

  • #fitfam

    By Richard Sennewald | In Education, Motivation, Nutrition | on May 6, 2016

    “Life isn’t worth living if you don’t have at least one all consuming interest” I’ve got a bit of a somber one for you today, but since I discovered Instagram recently (here), I’ve been pondering on this topic for some time… I really dislike some of these fitspiration memes, maybe it is because I totally over-think everything, […]

  • A Reminder

    By Richard Sennewald | In Motivation | on November 19, 2015

    Motivation is Key to performance – it comes in many forms from many sources. For me it’s a good training group of like-minded individuals, my training partner John and Josh of Onespace fitness are key in performing well and lifting correctly as-well as the many people I see posting things from day to day on […]