A case of the ‘Sposdas

Because ‘everyone else does it’

I don’t know if I’m the only one who remembers that episode…

This week, I’ve been slowly ramping up my online coaching,adding a new client each week for the next 5 weeks and, everyone who gets in touch, regardless of us working together, I have a good 20-30 min chat with them


What I have noticed recently, is that so many of us are suffering from the ‘SPOSDAS’

Why do we get up at 5.30am? Because we’re supposed to (all the fitpro’s do!)

Why are you doing fasted cardio? Because we’re supposed to (all the lean people do!)

Why are you only eating organic, gluten free, hand-farmed salmons fished by mermaids? (Because I’m supposed to, the Guru wrote a blog about it!)

Why has your shopping bill gone up by £70 a month? Because it’s supposed to cost more to eat healthy!

We shouldn’t ever do things just because we’re “supposed to” , but because we “want to” and “understand why” we do them.

Personally, I’m much happier getting up at 7am and reading & writing in the peace and quiet of the evening, I personally, cannot relax enough when there are jobs to be done – and that is fine, everyone is different.

I find it funny how coaches and gurus espouse the bespoke and individual nature of lifestyle, when it means behaving like everyone else is ‘Sposda’

Just food for thought.

You are different, you aren’t ‘sposda’ be anything but the best version of you and there are many ways to achieve that.

Rich ‘I was sposda get some work done today’ Sennewald

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